Your Family Dental Team

At Cordova Family Dental, our team is dedicated to you, and to each other for the best possible service to our patients. It’s something we hope you’ll notice as soon as you walk in the door! We absolutely love getting to know about our patients, their families and how we can best help them achieve their best simile. We love what we do, here at CFD!

Dr. Sydney Olson leads our team with exceptional dental artistry for our patients. When it comes to family dentistry, her approach is all about setting the patient at ease. When asked about her passion for dentistry, she states, “One of my favorite things is to ease patients’ anxieties and to make them feel more comfortable to get the treatment that they need.” That’s what we’re about, here at Cordova Family Dental – a comfortable visit, involving people who love their work!

Dr. Sydney Olson
Dr. Sydney Olson
Emily, Hygienist
Jessica, Office Manager